H2Ocean is proud to bring you all-natural Artic Ocean and Lemon Ice Sea Salt Healing Rinses that are enhanced with natural flavors, Xylitol, and Lysozyme, an antibacterial enzyme found in your saliva. These refreshing sea salt mouth rinses contain over 82 trace minerals that are found in your cells.



sea salt
  • Sea salt contains over 80 trace elements and nutrients essential for living cells. When combined with lysozyme, sea salt helps naturally restore the microflora of the oral cavity for optimum oral health.
  • Xylitol is a natural sweetener that increases salivary flow and may help to reduce plaque and cavities. Xylitol’s low glycemic index makes it safe for diabetics.
  • Lysozyme is a natural antibacterial enzyme against bacteria, fungi, and viruses harmful to oral cavity. It helps to prevent tooth decay and dental plaque buildup in addition to lowering the risk of oral infections.


Your oral health leads to the overall health of your whole body.
H2Ocean® Healing Rinses are used dry mouth

Dry Mouth

H2Ocean sea salt mouthwash is specially formulated to moisturize dry mouth using natural elements of sea salt supplemented by Xylitol and natural moisturizing ingredients to stimulate the salivary glands.

H2Ocean® Healing Rinses are used for sore throats

Bad Breath

Zinc, lysozyme and natural icy flavors, leaves your breath fresh and cool.

H2Ocean® Healing Rinses is great for bad breath

Sore Throat

Red Sea Salt water gargle with xylitol and lysozyme to naturally relieve and fight off airborne droplets.

H2Ocean® Healing Rinses helps your canker sores

Canker Sores

Swish and soak with the power of the H2Ocean healing rinse that provides 82 trace minerals for faster healing.  

H2Ocean® Healing Rinses helps with irritated gums

Bleeding Gums

Sea Salt, lysozyme and xylitol found in H2Ocean clinically studied and proved to be effective against gum irritations and bleeding. Study results were published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

H2Ocean® Healing Rinses helps with sensitive teeth

Sensitive Teeth and Gums

H2Ocean’s sea salt has the correct ratio to provide minerals without burning or irritation. This will also help strengthen the teeth and gums naturally.

H2Ocean® Healing Rinses helps brighten your teeth

Teeth Whitening

H2Ocean sea salt mouthwash natural foaming action helps to remove surface strains, revealing a brighter, more radiant smile.

H2Ocean® Healing Rinses supports your healing process after oral surgery

Oral Surgery

H2Ocean’s pH-balanced formula promotes the healing process naturally and safely after oral surgical procedures.

H2Ocean® Healing Rinses is good for veneers


H2Ocean sea salt mouthwash helps to maintain the optimal hygiene for veneers, orthodontic braces, bridges including dental implant.

H2Ocean® Healing Rinses is good for dentures


H2Ocean’s sea salt oral rinses are safe and effective for the use of cleaning dentures in or out of your mouth.

H2Ocean® Healing Rinses helps to heal oral piercings faster


H2Ocean’s Mouthwash has proven to heal any oral piercing in half the time and reduce inflammation where the piercing will heal without bumps.

H2Ocean® Healing Rinses helps to heal periodontal disease


Dental professionals have clinically tested and recommended H2Ocean mouthwash as a safe and effective daily regimen to maintain good oral health.

The Science of Sea Salt Volume One

The Science of Sea Salt

Benefits of Human Health | Volume One
  • Red Sea Salt With 82 Trace Minerals & Elements
  • Published in 8 PEER REVIEWED Medical Journals
  • 70 Professors From Around The World
  • Health Benefits Of Sea Salt
  • 55 Clinical Studies
  • Over 500 Pages
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