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Maintaining optimal oral hygiene requires a comprehensive approach, which includes carefully selecting oral care products that are made with all natural ingredients. Many commercial oral care products on the market today contain artificial colors, alcohol, chemicals, and preservatives, which can potentially have adverse effects and pose long term risks to oral health. However, H2Ocean offers a natural alternative with unrefined Red Sea salt based oral care products, providing numerous benefits for oral health without any adverse effects.

H2Ocean unrefined hand harvested sea salt based oral care products not only provide the optimal oral care with scientifically proven clinical benefits, but they are also exceptionally safe for individuals of all ages. Since 2001, H2Ocean has been offering the patented sea salt based oral care products that contains unrefined mineral enriched sea salt that is hand harvested from one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems, the Red Sea. H2Ocean sea salt based mouthwash is the original and first patented sea salt based mouthwash in the world. H2Ocean company is continuously working towards innovating novel sea salt based oral care products that revolutionize oral hygiene practices and elevates the standards of oral care.

H2Ocean Natural Sea Salt Based Mouthwash

H2Ocean offers offers two refreshing icy flavors, with a hint of sea salt unlike the saltwater gargles your grandma made; Arctic Ocean and Lemon Ice. These healing sea salt rinses are enhanced with natural flavors, Xylitol (a natural sweetener), and lysozyme (an antibacterial enzyme naturally present in saliva). The H2Ocean sea salt healing rinses contain an impressive array of over natural 82 trace minerals, including Sodium, Chloride, Calcium, Potassium, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Silver, Iron, and Iodine, among others. These minerals work synergistically to replenish the oral cavity, providing essential elements necessary for maintaining optimal oral health.

The unique properties of H2Ocean’s sea salt mouthwash are as follows:

Gentle and Soothing: H2Ocean mouthwash is a natural alternative that harnesses the power of Red Sea salt. Sea salt has been recognized for centuries for its therapeutic healing properties. It possesses natural anti-inflammatory and soothing qualities, which can help reduce bleeding gums, promote healthy gum tissue, and provide relief for sensitive oral areas. H2Ocean natural sea salt mouthwash can contribute to a more comfortable, effective and safe oral care routine.

pH Balancing and Neutralization: H2Ocean healing sea salt mouthwash balances the mouth pH and naturally neutralize the acidic environment inside the mouth that cause damage to the teeth and gums.  

Non-Irritating: Unlike alcohol based mouthwashes that can cause dryness and burning mouth, H2Ocean mouthwash is alcohol free. This makes it suitable for individuals with sensitive oral tissues, inflammation or those prone to dry mouth. H2Ocean sea salt natural mouthwash effectively cleanses the mouth without the potential side effects associated with alcohol or harsh preservatives, providing a refreshing and non-burning mouth experience.

Effective Bacterial Control: Red Sea salt, the key ingredient in H2Ocean’s healing sea salt mouthwash, along with lysozyme possesses natural antibacterial properties. H2Ocean’s healing rinse mouthwash helps create an environment in the mouth that is unfavorable to harmful bacteria, reducing the risk of dental caries and gum disease.

No Artificial Colors: H2Ocean healing mouthwash is all natural and free from artificial colors (Blue, Red, Green, Purple, orange) that significantly reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions and also eliminates the risk of teeth staining.  

No Chemical Preservatives: H2Ocean healing mouthwash is also free from chemical preservatives. By eliminating potentially harmful additives, it offers a safer and more natural choice for daily oral care. Choosing a mouthwash without chemical preservatives eliminates the chances of allergic reactions, sensitivity, and oral lesions.

Fresh Breath: H2Ocean healing mouthwash contains natural antibacterial enzymes and key minerals, such as Zinc, that aids in suppressing the bacterial growth producing Volatile Sulphur Compounds (VSCs) that causes bad breath, and thus helps in maintaining long lasting fresh breath. Also contains the Xylitol to help provide saliva. The natural menthol crystals will produce the cool breath that lasts much longer and keeps your mouth feeling clean. 

Great Taste: H2Ocean sea salt healing rinse mouthwash tastes excellent lemon or mint flavors. This is not salty but refreshing as it is sweetened by xylitol, which is a natural sweetener and also inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes dental caries and periodontal (gum) diseases. Once you use this mouthwash after brushing your teeth it’s like you just had the refreshing icy feel of a dental cleaning, you’re going to smile more.

Chemo Mouth: Unlike alcohol based mouthwash that cause dryness and burning mouth, H2Ocean sea salt healing rinse mouthwash does not contain any alcohol, fluoride, drugs, and dyes that makes it highly appropriate for individuals with chemo mouth experiencing sensitive oral tissues, inflammation, and dry mouth. By eliminating potentially harmful additives, it offers a safer and much more natural choice for daily oral care in chemo mouth and sores.

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