H2Ocean Mouthwash, patented sea salt healing oral rinses

About H2Ocean

H2Ocean recognizes the immense health benefits of using natural sea salt based products for all over health of the human body. With over twenty-five years of background in skin care and forty years of marine biology expertise producing a novel bio-active natural product for oral care and its therapeutic qualities was a difficult but simple as grandma’s home remedy. Medical experts now recognize the natural healing powers of sea salt and the homeopathic standards of care.

Since 2001 H2Ocean opened its business plan to save the ocean, planet and all living beings by choosing its highest USP-grade ingredients that prove to be safe for all ages.

Our Mission

Our mission at H2Ocean is to offer natural, high quality sea salt products that promote the health and well-being of our customers worldwide. We strive to educate and empower people to care for their health while also promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship. We are dedicated to constantly improving our products and services to meet the changing needs of our customers, while ensuring the utmost safety and effectiveness.

Founder, inventor Eddie Kolos diving with the sharks @H2Ocean®
H2Ocean® Values -

Our Values

Product integrity, customer service and all natural sea salt healthcare are the essence of H2Ocean. Our all natural products go through a thorough series of testing and evaluations along with any required registrations before they are released to the end user. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality customer service. Our representatives are readily available to answer questions, provide information and enhance our business relationship with you. Because we value our customers and understand the importance of integrity and trust, we offer a full 100% money-back guarantee that allows you to purchase our products risk-free. Whether it is through our oral care, nasal care, or skin care products, H2Ocean is dedicated to providing chemical-free healthcare solutions that are safe for the environment and valuable for your health.

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